Mathis Chapel Baptist Church
1786 Mathis Church Road
Catawba, North Carolina 28609
Pastor Travis Triplett
Church Phone 828-241-2161

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Contact Deacon:
Kyle Major at 828-461-0784

Ushers: Gerado Artavia, Ricky Burgess, Michael Heafner, Lee Hughes, Larry Leatherman, Landyn Pope, Melvin Pope, Layton Poole

Cleaning: Group 5

May 5 4:30pm Deacons' meeting; quarterly business meeting after evening worship
May 6 6:30pm Helping Hands
May 12-Mother's Day 8:30am Mother's Day Breakfast -- Mothers' Day Offering --NO evening service
May 19 4:30pm REACH committee meeting (GLOW Ministry)
May 21 registration 10:30am; llam - 2pm Senior Adult Rally, Mt. Ruhama Baptist Church; $12 per person (non-refundable) due before
May 7
May 23 6:30pm SEAL - men's Bible Study
May 27 6:30pm Investing in Our Marriages Bible Study
June 3 6:30pm Helping Hands (ladies' Bible Study/mission planning)
June 16 8:30am Father's Day Breakfast -- NO evening service
June 22 TBA Ezkiel's Room and Adam's Center, Forgiven Ministry
June 27 6:30pm SEAL - men's Bible Study
July 27 - July 28 10am - 6pm "In the Wild" VBS